Channeling is the art of accessing information from  the metaphysical realm. The Collective is a myriad of many energies which have come together to provide wisdom.  Although each feels their own, they collectively feel one way.  By providing a cross section, the information is mediated, cleansed, and filtered into one thought, making it accurate. 

     The Collective speaks as one voice, or at times as an individual.  The group includes personal spiritual guides, protectors, and muses who round out this incredibly diverse combination of light beings. 

     Their teachings are presented in the Pearls page.  A pearl begins as a grain of sand which acts as an irritant. Over time, as layers accumulate, what started as raw earth turns into a precious gem.  Discussions are lively, as we explore the concepts of life, death, and reincarnation.  We delve into ghosts and spirit attachments, and consider the possibility that we can actually provide assistance to these energies and fascilitate their evolution.  We discuss the current state of our planet, upcoming events, and the future of humanity as well as all living organisms on the surface of our planet.  

     The next part of our site deals with Ghost Stories.  In our adventures, we have been introduced to many spirit energies that are deceased, but still earthbound and tied to the earthplane.  We have inadvertantly stepped into a bit of psychic ghost search and rescue.  Some of these beings we have helped continue on their evolutionary path while others have remained attached to our aura or other objects.  Come with us as we explore secrets of the Lost Dutchman gold mine, travel the high sea's on a whaling ship which doubles as a privateer, and explore  the Roswell incident and the possibility of time travel.  Other stories will join the ranks as we continue in our travels.

     We invite you to enter our site and encourage comment.  Experience the concepts as if you were shopping for a new jacket.  Try it on, check out how it feels, look at it in the mirror and if it resonates with you, take it home.   Some purpose made you click on this site, look further and together we can open new horizons.